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Organizational Reviews

I delivered my son here almost two weeks ago. The labor and delivery/postpartum staff were amazing! Our nurses were attentive and made our stay there comfortable. I got to have Maddy more than once before my unexpected C-section. She was helpful and kind. They took care of all our needs during our stay. Thank you!!!

Emmy Kidd

Tes's Barbershop is on MLK and NE Knott. Demond did a great job cutting out hair today. Tes is a welcoming owner. Stop by for a good cut and good old fashioned barber shop talk.

Joaquin Diaz

I cannot overstate how positive my experience was over two days at Idaho Falls Community Hospital. From arrival to departure, the staff was attentive, responsive, cheerful, caring, competent and professional. I would like to name names, but I can only recall a few names of the many staff members I encountered who deserve praise. So I thank them all for the care they provided, and give this hospital five stars and two thumbs up.

Tony Huegel

Went to lunch with my fiancé after going to the bug museum a couple streets over. The wings, fries, and drinks were all amazing! The sauce especially, I wish I could have some for home! The music was pleasant and the restaurant had a good atmosphere. They even gave me an extra wing with my order ;3

Chigens NA

Kent at Anvil Media is brilliant...If you have questions about anything related to using social media, you'll get clear answers and invaluable personalized support. I highly recommend his services!

Elisa Friedlander

I had the most amazing experience with the hospital this week. I had shoulder surgery with Dr. Andary and every staff person I came in contact with was kind, respectful, conversational, and treated me and my husband with so much care. This is my second amazing experience with MVH. Thank you for all you do to assure your patience have a great experience even during a not so fun procedure.

McKayla Matlack

The best place to recover post op! Wonderful staff! Wonderful facilities! I was very pleased that we recovered my mother there, other issues besides her surgery recovery they treated her with kindness and dignity! As a rehab nurse from another state, I would love to work in a place like this!

Marlene Moore (daughter of Frances Diller)

Marlene Moore

We love going to Connections Therapy. The therapists are genuinely concerned about my son and how he's doing. He's been going to them for the last 4/5 years or so and his progress has been amazing. He went from speaking a few words to having full conversations in these years, plus a much better coordination with his hands and we couldn't be happier. We highly recommend this place. He sees Amanda and Sherri in Speech and Angie in OT at the IF office.

Desiree Smith

After 17 months of treatment, I can't say enough about how great the treatment and care were that I received here. Dr. Adams and his staff are professional, experienced, and answered all my questions. The oncology nurses giving infusions are just awesome, and so respectful and friendly.
As I moved from Boise a couple of years ago, it was a bit concerning not being in a larger facility. However, the care here is above and beyond, and much better than expected. And... a great outcome so far!

Shauna Shaltry