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Our Approach

About Us

In 2006, James Adamson and Zafar Azimov decided to work together to build a fishing company in North West Russia. James’s relentless pursuit of growth was equally matched with Zafar’s focus on long-term thinking and the company quickly grew to dominate the world’s King Crab market. With this success, they choose to leverage this partnerships passions for investing in building companies.

Ironically, in a world dominated by people who think long-term strategies are three to five years, we embarked on truly building companies for long term return and not selling them. Although, we have sold many companies, over the past 12 years, one of them being Arktikservis, our first venture, we still own 90% of our investments.

We realized that we enjoyed building teams of people and unique property, plant, and equipment for unique business verticals. It didn’t matter if it was the greatest king crab fleet ever assembled or a mental health facility in the desert of California. We enjoyed creating something that had great value and making it the best in its industry.

We are not just passionate about our investments, we are passionate about our people.

Our Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based around the concept that scarcity of an object drives its value. We aim to build, develop, or grow business ventures or investments that have long-term value.

We invest in our people, our culture, and our assets with the thought that they will be better in ten years in the future than they are on in one year. Our passion lies in identifying and then building a business venture to solve the problem. Our people are producing products and services in three continents twenty hours a day with this passion in mind.

Our Specialties

Healthcare, food production and distribution, and specialty real estate and manufacturing.



Hospitals, Post Acute Care, Surgery Centers, Specialty Clinics, and Emergency Services

Real Estate

Real Estate

Infill Development, Medical Real Estate, Specialty Manufacturing



Kayrakkum Carpets, Arktikservis, InfaPrim



Health Care Partners Fund Fund I, Health Care Partners 2016, Zamwell

Management Team

All of the members of our management team are operators. In the day and age of financial engineering, we believe that businesses should be run by the operators, not by financial engineers. Structuring transactions and negotiating deals is a big part of our world, but we choose to see these decisions from a highly operationally focused orientation.

We also value diversity in our team. If everyone is from the same country, the same school, and has the same background the sum of our experiences will not give us an advantage in business. At the A companies, we build teams of people and believe that optimists and pessimists can make a good team.

As our investments span the globe, investment amounts or participation in certain projects may vary due to the jurisdictional requirements.

James Adamson

James started his career as a financial analyst in early stage venture companies. His experience was during the technology explosion of the late 1990s. During that time, he was lucky enough to work with several successful software and internet companies in a variety of different industries.

Zafar Azimov

Zafar Azimov is one of the founders of A-Companies. He essentially grew up in a manufacturing business.

His father was one of the first entrepreneurs in the post-Soviet Central Asia. Zafar learned at a young age, how manufacturing and sales were done. He left Russia and Central Asia to be educated in the U.S and U.K.

Aziz Gafarov

Aziz Gafarov is currently serving as the chairman of the board of Infaprim, our Moscow-based nutritional and medical company.

Aziz brings endless energy to anything he is involved in. His outgoing personality and thirst for perfection make him one of the most fun and challenging people to work with.

Joshua Tolman

Josh Tolman currently serves as a board member for three different U.S based business segments: Psych, Population Health, and Post Acute Care.

Josh is driven to teach others. Operating statistics and business development are his main areas of focus. From 2008 through 2018, he was the operating manager for a hospital system we created in southern Idaho.

Tim Horgan

Tim Horgan

Tim Horgan has spent the last 25 years serving as the President for Pacific Seafood and prior to that as President of Ocean Beauty. Both companies specialize is seafood processing and distribution. 

Tim is a great teacher and mentor. His knowledge of manufacturing and distribution are amazing. That combined with his passion for mentoring has had a profound impact on James and Zafar and many of our other team members. 

Glenn Boschetto

Glenn Boschetto

Glenn has served as an advisor to the company in regards to financial structuring and leverage transactions.

With more than 30 years of experience in investment banking and private equity, Glenn has been involved in many transactions. He has experience in many industries but recently has been involved in healthcare, media, and global supply chain companies.