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Arktikservis is a fishing company headquartered in Murmansk, Russia. It fishes King crab in the Barents
Sea and sells it globally.

Arktikservis was in a serious debt crisis when Zamwell, our mid-market investment company, decided to
make an investment in 2007.

During its 4-year cooperation with Zamwell, Arktikservis secured favorable funding terms and fully repaid
its debt, repaired its entire crab fishing fleet, paid its salary debts. Having improved its export structure,
the company started selling its product in Europe, USA, and Japan. It's North American partner was Pacific
Seafood. Over a short time period, the company enhanced its performance manifold and became an
example of American and Russian ingenuity.

Late in 2011, a strategic investor approached us with an offer to purchase Arktikservis. Last year
Murmansk crab fishing company was rated one of Russia’s 50 fastest-growing companies by a top Russian
business journal RBC.