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Kayrakkum Carpets was founded in 1960.

They are located in Khujand, Tajikistan.

A major Asian carpet manufacturer during the Soviet period, it went through severe economic hardship in
the 1990s and, supported by Zamwell, re-emerged as a leading carpet producer in Tajikistan in 2010s.
Zamwell first invested into the factory in 2013 despite the fact that Turkish importers had been
dominating the country’s domestic market for a decade then. This difficulty aside, the investors kept in
mind the business advantages of the region including the availability of local raw materials, available
human resources, traditions of weaving and sewing, and, of course, the 60-year history of the factory, its
professional team, and the importance of new jobs for the country.

The investors started with finding and building excellent business relationship with a leading European
supplier of weaving equipment Van de Wiele that delivered new weaving looms. 8 new machines
exceeded 100 existing ones in performance.

As of the end of 2018, Kayrakkum Carpets owned 34% of the domestic carpet market.

Phone number
+992 90 250 80 80 
+992(8) 3443 2 22 77